Did you ever think that optimizing emojis will become an essential thing in the future?

Well, it may sound impractical before, but now, it is mandatory to prioritize emoji SEO. You can expect out of the box in this growing world of technology. Remember when nobody thought WWW would be that important, but now, no one can create a website without a domain? Many people grew their business through domains, and they brought them at a cheaper rate, and later they sold it for a million dollars.

Emojis have been through the same story. It all started when Yelp gave its audience the option to search for anything using emojis. Since then, Google, Bing, and Yahoo also introduce emoji searches on their websites.

Ecommerce is rapidly growing up; hence you should always be one step ahead of your competition. This blog will help you in several ways, what is Emoji SEO, why is it important, and how can you use it?

The Rise of Emoji

With the growing technology, everybody uses the internet to get every type of information. Our generation is more comfortable using smartphones to search for information than books. It is justified as the internet takes seconds to show search results than any book or newspaper.

Mobile phone keyboard now has emojis by default, whereas laptop keyboard still lacks them. People now like to save their every second through shortcuts, who will write ‘apple’ when an apple emoji is available in just one click.

Why Emoji?

You can stand out from the crowd by using emojis in your Title page, Meta description, or URL. People like to see visuals in their search, and it helps them to understand better. If you incorporate emojis into your website, there is a high chance that the target audience will click on your web page first just because it will be more expressive.

People are getting educated in terms of technology, and they now search with emojis instead of text. If you use the relevant emoji in your title, you might be the first one to pop up on the search result. You may think that text can appear with the same results, but emojis can make your ranking grow higher.

Unlike texts, emoji needs extra attention for their usage. Here is how you can incorporate emojis in your SEO.

Emoji in Search Engine

It started with Bing, and now, every search engine can function with emojis. People began using emoji functions abusively, and thus Google had to come up with an algorithm. Google doesn’t allow emoji to show when the emoji is irrelevant to the topic, if the emoji is misleading, or is too spammy.

Google doesn’t take any drastic action against spam, and it only removes the emoji in the search result and appears only in the text.

Another thing you have to understand while using emojis is the difference between emojis and emoticons. The most search engine doesn’t understand emoticons and may not respond to them, make sure you are using proper and relevant emoji according to your title and Meta description.

Google optimizes your emoji in an organic search result, not in Ads that appear on different websites hence, do not use emoji in your Ads.

Emoji in Video

Google also shows videos in its search result with emojis. You can use emojis in your marketing video, so it appears right before completing the text, and Google offers videos with the exact emoji being used by the target audience.

Emoji in Social Media

Your title and meta description can also show themselves on social media too. However, use these tools cleverly to get more audience. If you incorporate emojis in your social media post, you will get a high chance to link your post with your audience’s search results.

Social accounts optimize with a search engine if someone searches with emojis. By adding emoji to your social account’s name, you will get a more visible online audience.

Is Google Influencing Your Ranking On Google SERP?

The website ranking system on SERP has been changed by emoji search, and Emoji has been used by 90% of the audience in search engines.

Emoji is changing search engine games. Try to Google any food emoji and add it near me; in the end, you will be shocked by the results you get; you may see restaurants that never appear when you search without emoji. Emoji search has been changing the ranking game for many brands without their knowing.

Other than local search, emojis help you to find any result you want. For example, if you want to know the navigations for the closest pet shop, you can add emoji of the pet you wish to like a cat, dog, or rabbit (there are many emoji presents for you to choose from), and you will get addresses of many pet shops around the country.

You can specify the location and add a single emoji for google search to help you. Believe that Google is getting smarter with every passing day. If you are in a new city and want to go for a swim, add swimming emoji with the city you are in, and you will get details of many swimming clubs near you within seconds.

Smartphone keyboards have a wide variety of emojis, and it is categorized for you to find them easily.

Final words

There is no debate that emojis will rule the search engine in the coming years, as many domains have been establishing emojis in them. You need a good SEO service company to help you optimize your emoji SEO. The best thing about SEO services is having an SEO Services Company in USA, sitting anywhere in the world.